Sunday, April 9, 2017

The value of the spiritual side

Hello Everyone!

I promised a good letter!

We had changes (transfers)! My companion, Elder Castro, was transferred and I am receiving another new zone leader, Elder L√≥pez, from Mexico.  We arrived in Costa Rica at the same time.  It's strange-- you see a lot of missionaries and often you never think, "Hey, they could be my companion!" and then they end up being your companion. My companion has never been a zone leader, so we're going to learn a lot together!  We had a baptism last week, and this last Saturday.  We found Oscar four months ago, and since then his progression has been exponential.  About two months ago he was going to get baptized, he came to service, and at the last minute, he decided to not get baptized.  The font was filled, the members came, there was food, and he decided to not get baptized. It was the second to last week of my then companion, Elder Contreras, and he took it pretty hard.  But we kept working and teaching, and two days ago he was baptized!  It is probably one of my favorite baptisms, because we spent so much time with him, and it was such a great experience seeing him take such an important step.  He also wants to serve a mission :)

Funny story to share.  Last Saturday, we were in a meeting with all of the bishops, stake presidents, the mission president, and an area seventy.  All of the Zone Leaders in the mission were invited.  We were asked to sing the mission hymn at the end.  In the middle there was a part where three other elders and I did a small solo-type thing. I started it, and I`m pretty sure it sounded AWFUL.  I was so darn nervous, I don`t even know why, but my hands were sweaty and I was shaking a little bit.  My nerves were  TERRIBLE.  But there you go--I did it!

If I could give counsel to myself at 14 years, or to someone in that age range, it would be to take a step back, and realize the value of the spiritual side of things. I never paid that much attention because I simply did not understand the importance.  I always thought that church-related things were boring.  It wasn't until the mission that I understood that these things are essential, and that the truth is life makes a lot more sense  and is a lot more enjoyable when you are living gospel principles.  Love you all!


Elder Noah Michael Toney

My trainer, my son, and my grandson

I know that the photo ain't great, but what the heck

Baptism de oscar! We've been working with him for four months!

Elder Lopez

Mi compa! And aviators that my last ocmp left in the house. (course I didn't wear em outside the house)