Sunday, June 18, 2017

Assistant to the President


Not quite sure when the last time was that I wrote...Sorry!

Craziness! The cool thing about being Assistant is that president trusts us a lot, if we have an idea, he usually is ok with it. That´s also the scary thing about being an assistant. Make sure that what you are doing is from the Lord! My companion and I had the idea that the mission would benefit immensely if we taught better, As a whole, there is a lot of ignorance in the mission, that is, we don´t know what we should do. We've got a lot of faith, we're obedient, but we have no idea how to accomplish what we need to do. So we proposed a change to President. Two more assistants. Two as office missionaries, and two as traveling assistants. I betcha can't guess which one I´m gonna be. The truth is I have been going crazy this past change, I am definitely not made for an office.

A traveling assistant doesn´t have an area, he doesn´t have a zone, he goes zone from zone doing exchanges with the missionaries, teaching with them, learning with them, ministrating, personally, face to face. I have learned that I am not near as effective over phone as I am in person. It means a lot of work. I lot of running around, sweating, and leaving it all on the field.

Seems pretty good to me.

My new assignment starts the 12 of June. Pray for me!


Elder Noah M. Toney
First day in the office

Good lookin landscapes

Accidental selfie

A family from Poas.
I almost cried when I saw em.


My next companion

Rockin poses at night

Exchanges with the assistants!

Zona activity!

Random picture I found.
I was super tired that day!

My son!

Pickin up the greenies from the airport