Friday, October 9, 2015

The Savior is present in everything

Hello Everyone!  

My email is short today because most of my time was swallowed up reading all your emails.  I love that you are thinking of me, but I would please ask you to log on to and write me there instead of emailing me.  I think you will need to know that I am going to Costa Rica West Mission and that I leave the MTC on NOV 10.  In case you need it, my code (the same as my first address line for the MTC is NOV10 CRA-SJOW.  I'll get the letter the day you send it and every missionary loves getting letters.  Letters are easier for me because they don't take up my email time and I can read what you have written and enjoy it throughout the week.  And for some reason my emails won't print so this will be short, sorry. So little time!

I loved general conference. I have never received personal inspiration like this before. It felt like every single talk was powerful, and I learned so much. I love this church, and our leaders. I pray for President Monson, my heart twisted in my chest when I saw his struggle up on the podium. Brother Fosters talk in particular struck me like a hammer. That is the sort of father that I want to be, I feel like Heavenly Father is saying, "Here you go Noah, you're worried about fatherhood, here's some guidance on how to do it."

Everyday is an affirmation of my choice to be here. I love and hate it. The Spirit is always super strong, but I've never been a fan of classrooms. I'm made for working and moving, and I can't wait for Costa Rica. Although I'm ready to go, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I need this time to prepare. My trio has now taught six lessons, six!!! And all of them in 100% Spanish. Sometimes the lessons go well, like when our investigator I prayed with us, it took some cajoling (sí se puede, I, sí se puede!!) But my goodness it was the sweetest prayer that I have ever heard. I don't remember much of it, indeed I didn't understand all of it, but the Spirit was strong and I was happy. Sometimes things
don't go well, like when our other investigator R got up in the middle of the lesson and stared out the window. Or when he starts texting in the middle of the lesson. Or when he makes a paper airplane out of the scripture reminder card I gave him, and he's twenty three! -____- Suffice to say I was a tad bothered.

All fun aside, the Savior is present in everything I do here. (except for our P-day antics, we made up a game called MTCB or Mtc Ball, it's where you set a ladder on two chairs and play volleyball in your room. The rules are ridiculous,but it's fun) Without the Savior, I would be one lost and sad boy indeed. The only reason that our lessons go well is because of fervent prayer. Never before have I offered so many real prayers. I give my heart and worries to Heavenly Father, and He helps me with out fail. More than any other time in my life, I realize my need for Him.

I love my zone, and my district. We have become ridiculously close in such a close time. My one worry is my companion Elder W. Last week he totally shut down in class. I gave him a blessing, and it seemed to really help. But I'm not sure things are getting better. He refuses to communicate or participate in preparing lessons. I love him and want to help him but I'm not entirely sure what to do. When I ask he just grunts at me. It would be an understatement to say that I have had some serious prayer time about it. I'd appreciate it if you'd keep him in your prayers.

We're always having a good time, and although it can be tough I know that I'm in the right place. It's funny how the mtc changes people. For instance, in my district I'm known for how well I make my bed, it's called the Elder Toney Standard, and multiple elders have asked me to teach them how (thanks Jacqueline!) I've also gotten a new nickname, chispa, it means spark in spanish. One of the sisters gave it to me cause apparently I'm "sassy". I've no idea what she's talking about. Do you? Don't answer that. Well my time is about up. Vaya con Dios.


Elder Toney

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