Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello Everyone!!

Ayah is my new favorite word. I think (erroneously perhaps) That it makes me sound more Costa Rican. I use it for just about everything, exclamation, pregunteration (is that a word? I think not, but I like it) You name it, whatever.

Anyway, I would like to start out with a declaration of Love. And it is that All of you people are very very important to me and I thank The Lord in Heaven for blessing me with so many loved ones. I read your letters when I am sad, and the memories of warmth buoy me up.

By the way, the monkeys here make the most frightful noise. It is not the ooh ooh ah ah that I was taught in my childhood. I was lied to.

A miracle this week: We were walking along about seven in the evening, bone tired, having just been rejected, AGAIN, because people rarely want to listen. My companion asks me, "where are we going? Why are we walking?" And I said, "I don´t know, God is leading us" half joking, half not. I saw a light up ahead and said "aqui" (here for all you white people out there) We walked up to the house, oopehed buenas and commenced talking with a small family. I told them that I didn´t know why we were at their house, only that We were supposed to be and that we were here to help. We found out, thanks to my companion, that their mother had just died. We taught about families, and how they can be forever. It was a very spiritual lesson. We´re going back soon. Thank you Heavenly Father.

Story time: Two nights past we were in a lesson when we got an emergency call from the sisters. We rushed over, fearing the worst. (Darn my short legs, I do not walk very fast) We arrived and learned that some drunken man had kissed Hermana Brown whilst in the middle of a prayer! How strange. Why would you do that? Lesson here is two fold, one; don´t pray in the street while contacting. Only in homes. Two: be careful with drunk people, they are unpredictable. Anyways, she was very shaken up and asked that I give her a blessing (I´ve no idea why she picked me, I´m as green as green can be) Since she´s from St. George, Utah, she asked that I say it in English (phew) This was one of those times where it was entirely off the cuff and had I not been connected to the Spirit, doing what I needed to be doing, I would not have been able to give the blessing. That being said, that blessing was all Heavenly Father, pure and simple. The words that came out of my mouth were not formulated by my brain. Lesson here is to live worthy. We literally live by the Spirit here. Where to go, what to say, I´d be lost with out it. Even when I don´t understand the Spanish I can participate because I´m being helped by the Spirit.

My biggest lesson this week was about the dangers of pride and selfishness. Making the change from living my life for me, to living it for the Lord and these people here is daggumed tough. But it´s needed and worth it.

Last day at the MTC with Elder Brooks
Anyway what length this letter has. Listen, I will not be offended if you don´t have the time to read this. Just leave it unopened. S´all good :) Maybe I should put this in the title though... Anyways, I love you all. Be strong. Do good things. Send me food and socks. (Just kidding)


Elder Noah M. Toney

P.S. Sorry there aren´t many pictures of Costa Rica, I haven´t had a lot of time to take them. But there are some MTC'S!

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