Saturday, February 13, 2016


February 8, 2016

Hello Everyone :)

This week has been refreshing. Things with my new companion are good. Although things are still tough, we have a lot more fun together and we teach well together.

My trip to see and listen to an Apostle last week was inspiring.  The mission home is five hours away, but we took a personal bus so it was more like four hours at insanely high speeds. Listening to an Apostle was an interesting experience.  It was different that what I expected. What cannot be doubted is the power of these men, but the feel of this power is different. It isn´t like the power of the president of the US who can do lots of stuff and has lots of money. It´s more like the power of unshakable knowledge that moves mountains and does naught but good. The thing is, it was mighty simple. But in it´s simplicity there was elegance. The truth that when you really know something, you can teach it in such a way that it is easily understood. You leave inspired. Although he's an apostle, my overwhelming impression was that he is just a man, with weaknesses and needs just like the rest of us. The difference is that he has allowed a greater degree of Divine Intervention in his life, or grace. And the result is that he has benefited immensely.  He is happy, productive, inspiring, secure, believable, Changed. And the same process is proffered to us.

Our West mission was combined with the East mission for the conference.  First off, it was interesting to see that our West mission was a whole bunch more disciplined, a trait that is highly valued by president Laboriel.  Our shoes were shined, suit jackets on, color coordinated.  But we gathered and equaled 300 something missionaries--that will change the world. My Spanish is pretty good compared to all the other gringos; I always hear that I´m learning really fast and have a good accent (although with a bit of Russian, I have no idea how one has a Russian Spanish accent but I have accomplished it) That being said I still have a long road ahead till fluency. But I´ll get there.

Someone asked about the Zika Virus that is all over the news.  Eh, them mosquitoes don´t worry me. The good thing about being in a drought is that the bugs don´t prosper so much. Except ants. There are more than enough ants.

Our new Zone Leaders are amazing.  One of them is the previous Assistant to the president, and I´m just excited to work with them. I feel like they´re going to really turn the zone around. They are competent, yet humble, and willing to take advice, and I´m very thankful for that. I was on exchanges with one of the ZL´s Friday in his area, and the only thing I have to say is that COSTA RICAN WOMEN ARE CRAZY. I am contemplating dying my skin and eyes (is that possible?) to get them to leave me alone. For the record, this is not my fault!  I encourage none of this, but I would´t mind being really ugly.  I imagine that would help. Or maybe I already am and everyone is blind? Who knows.

I love all of you!  You are in my prayers.

Elder Noah M. Toney

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