Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rewards for sacrifice

Howdy howdy;

Sorry I´m so late this week, we got together as a district today for p day, that doesn't happen too much because we´re pretty spread out. We ate pancakes, played ping pong, ate pizza,  watched The Work and the Glory, and just chilled. It was one of the sisters birthday so an elder cracked an egg over her head, but he did it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard, and he made her cry. He also sprayed egg guts all over the room. The picture I sent is of the sister washing her hair of egg yoke. Hehe. I ain't tellin nobody when my birthday is.

This past week we had another week of sacrifice, and all in all we found almost 300 new investigators, in four different cities over four days. It was amazing, but daggumed TIRING.

The first day I was in the city of Liberia (the specific area we were in was downright DUSTY, all the streets, houses, and trees were white with it. I´m sure that if I wasn't already white I´d have looked ridiculous) with a different companion (also named Elder Lopez) who happens to appear a tad

Chinese. We found these two young kids, one of 16 years, and one of 12. And when they asked where we were from I said that Elder Lopez was from China. The kid got these real big eyes and said ¨REALLY??" Can you speak Chinese?! To my surprise, Elder Lopez busts out with some foreign sounding jibberish, much to the kids astonishment (mine as well) He was quite speechless, and well, I didn't have the heart to tell him that Elder Lopez was actually Mexican. I later found out that it was not jibberish, it was Japanese that he had learned from watching anime. People these days.

We have new zone leaders who are amazing.
One is a previous assistant to the president, the other was a secretary, and with them, we're making a lot of changes as a zone. We've come together as brothers and sisters, and it´s a sight to see. Where before we were a bunch of dispersed guys and girls, we are now a tightly woven bunch of missionaries who love one another and are working together to accomplish good. It gives me a lot of hope, I'm excited and thankful for my zone.

Another interesting occurrence is that we had an hour long discussion with a Jehovah's Witness from Kentucky. He was very amiable, and interested in what we were saying. It was a nice change, as a general rule, Jehovah's Witnesses do not like us. He had lots of questions, like, ¨if after your mission you and your companion are on different sides of a war, would you kill each other?" An interesting question, I told him that I wasn't really sure, but that if he´d read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it, then I was 100% sure that he´d find an affirmative answer. He wasn't too awful keen on that, but he was nothing if not respectful, and that I appreciate.

I LOVE freaky bridges!
We also had an Elder get bit by a dog. With that happy thought, I´ll sign off


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