Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pinterest and object lessons

Good morning;

So it really isn't very humid here in Guanacaste, we are currently in a drought more or less. You could say that I´m accustomed, I actually use a cover at night, and I really don´t sweat very much. I find the heat bearable, although it seems to be killing my companion, he´s from a very cold part of Guatemala. And yes I got the socks from Mom! Thank goodness.

The members here are wonderful. I´m good friends with practically everyone, and everyone gives us food now, pura vida. Alfredo is the member we are most close to, he is also our cook and first counselor in the bishopric. We see him pretty much everyday, he comes to our p days (he is a wicked ping pong player) His small family consists of his wife, his two small children, and him. The picture with the cake is his family. He is a returned missionary who served in Honduras. Seeing as he is the only member who is active and really strong in the gospel, we tend to use him a lot in lessons. Because he was a missionary, he knows all the material, so sometimes the challenge is more getting him to dial it down, cause he is a wonderful talker. We also have a family from Utah living here for two years while their vacation home is being built, called the Spaldings. Seeing as our bishop recently moved to Utah, he was called as the new bishop, so I guess he´s staying for five years now. But I´m really excited, he knows how to get things done and I have confidence that things are going to start moving forward more rapidly as, hopefully, we´ll have more member participation.

About two weeks back while attempting (in vain) to get a family to receive us, we met a man who was a member of the Church.  We knew he was a member because when he saw our white shirts.  He said, ¨Hey are you from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?" I thought to myself, he´s gotta be a member cause no one knows the full name of this church. Turns out he was just moving in to the area.  He gave us his number and left. Yesterday we went over to his house and gave a lesson to him and his wife. We gave a lesson about the doctrine of Christ, but we did it creatively. We give them a challenge to see if they could make a cross out of a sheet of paper, having folded it four times, and making one straight cut. After they fail, as they inevitably do (after all, who knows how to make a cross like that? Only people that spend too much time on Pinterest) we use the process to teach them the five steps, faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. It´s a lot of fun and it illustrates the point really well. Seeing as I just described what we usually show, I'm sure there are a lot of confused people out there, Just trust me, it´s super cool :D

I totally forgot it was valentines day (how sad is that?) So there is no news on that end. I hope it went well for the rest of you!  :)

Love you all,

Unrequitedly (just kidding I´m a missionary)

Elder Noah M. Toney

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