Thursday, March 17, 2016


Hello Everyone!

I helped build this corral! We spend a lot of time with these recent converts.
My week was really good. They closed Huacas, one of the areas in our district, so all of their area has been added to ours. I don´t even know how big my area is now. REALLY BIG will have to do. They also closed it a week before transfers, so the two elders from Huacas came to live in our house and work in our area for a week. Needless to say. that was CRAZY. Our apartment really isn't that big, but we made space. With four elders it was a party. Pizza every night, the soda flowed. I was with one of the elders from Huacas (who also happens to be called Elder Lopez) and goodness gracious we worked well together.  It seemed that every lesson we had was powerful and guided by the Spirit. Every day is busy now as we are preparing four families for baptism. We´ll see how that turns out, I have hope. Six of them came to church (which is more than I've ever had at one time.) It really feels like Heavenly Father is doing a lot here, cause it certainly isn't me.

A baptism of the hermanas.
Thursday we had an appointment with a very old man. We arrived at his house and attempted to enter, but darn it if we couldn't figure out how to open it. It seemed to be tied shut. Finally after five futile minutes, we gave up and climbed over the fence (dumb gate) which is when I discovered, to my embarrassment, that yes, it was tied shut, but one only had to slide the rope loop off the post to enter. Oops.

I taught a couple people in my zone the game Durak (learned from Michael Anderson) And now literally all of my zone is playing it. It cracks me up, but I think I've started a trend. Thanks Michael!

I´m also told that I sound like a Russian/Italian when i speak in Spanish. I really have no idea how that works. And it hurts my head to try, so I´ll just stop thinking :)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd I have no time, I will answer the questions the siguiente semana.

Love you all!


Elder Noah M. Toney

I'm not much for selfies (in fact I despise them) but these were just too funny not to send. 

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