Sunday, March 27, 2016

A wedding and a birthday

Firstly, sorry about the delayed email, Sunday night  I started throwing up and well, to spare you the imagery, it was prolific. Needless to say, we didn't leave the house, I seem to have a knack for getting sick only on P-days. Or maybe that's Heavenly Father's way of saying, "Get to Work". Who knows?

I suppose the biggest news is that our investigators actually GOT MARRIED. And boy was it a whirlwind. This past week was also the week of sacrifice, so in between traveling hours by bus in several different cities, we were making arrangements for a wedding.

 You could say I've been busy.

 Also just as a minor side note, a disclaimer, if you will. NEVER LET MISSIONARIES PLAN YOUR WEDDING. We do not know what we are doing, we are bone heads, as my uncle Matthew would say. Beyond that, people seem to think that we DO know what we're doing, and seek our counsel. This whole past week I've been thinking, "what the heck do I know about marriage?" This is when I believe that a loving Heavenly Father steps in and helps the not-so-wise.wise missionaries. The thing is, we weren't planning on having the wedding so quick, but the lawyer said that he'd be in town, and we had to take advantage of that because that means he'll cover the wedding for less. Oh that's another thing, we also had to plan a way to raise money for the wedding, because the couple doesn't have much. So we're going to sell arroz con leche. Turns out people are willing to lend a hand every once in a while in the walk of
Divine Providence.

We have yet to make the rice, that comes this week, along with the baptism, So we're still not off the hook, but I believe that everything will work out alright. That being said, I've learned a couple things this week. 1. How to plan a wedding (I´m pretty sure I´ll do a better job the next time) 2. How to be a witness at the wedding, I got to sign some cool document (and on a slightly more serious note, be a part of a beautiful union) 3. I should never try to help find the dress for the bride, even if they ask me, I REALLY am out of my league in that area, and, Finally, 4. The Lord qualifies whom he calls. I may not be the wedding planner of the year, and I surely will not receive any awards for style or flare, but darn it if that wedding didn't come off alright, despite me.

I also learned that CTR rings make great wedding rings! You can adjust them and everything! I know you told me to give them to the children, mom, but the situation seemed worthy, and ain't nobody got money, so all is well :) Admittedly I like the idea of a wedding being founded on the principle of Choose The Right, with a ring to remind you. I sure do hope it helps..

The work has been going well, I´m excited for this weekend, we have a lot planned so keep me in your prayers. My companion and I get along famously. We surely aren't perfect, and well, it ain't easy (don´t censor the ain't:) But we have a pretty good rhythm going, we´re teaching a lot of great families. At this point I've been in Santa Cruz for about six moths, and I´ll likely be here for another month and a half. That being said, I seem to know a good number of people. My companion and I are generally well liked, and well received. So I have been eating A LOT. What a nice change. As previously mentioned, I did a lot of vomiting yesterday, but on a normal Sunday, things are pretty slow, as a lot of people are at the beach. Every other Sunday we have ward counsel, so I get to play the piano while I wait. I´m teaching myself to play hymns. I´m not very good, but I enjoy it. It really stresses my patience, but I've found that I have a lot more patience to work through it then I ever have before. I´m learning lots :)

This past P-day (a week ago) we celebrated the birthday of an hermana by smashing eggs, throwing flour, and flinging honey. Knowing that you reap what you sow, I threw nary an egg (but I did take the video) What started with a cake in the face of our zone leader three months ago had escalated. And guess who´s birthday is next? I think I´ll just stay in my house on my birthday, for fear of my life. My only hope is that they´ll have mercy on me because I haven´t been the one throwing eggs. I do believe said hope is in vain.

I hope all is well at home, I love you all bunches.


Elder Noah M. Toney

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