Sunday, March 20, 2016

Walking and walking

Hello Everyone!

This week has been fairly eventful. Wednesday we went searching for the house of less active member. We really had no idea where it was, just that it was past a lumber mill. So we walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. We ended up walking a good 12 to 15 kilometers. On the way there a car stopped, at first we thought that it might be rich members offering us a ride, because no one else stops to talk to us. Turns out it was a bunch of pot smokers who wanted to give us money to buy water. I told em that they could help us better by going to the church. They didn't like that as much, I´m afraid. He was holding a bong in his hand and driving, I hope that he drives safe! We finally found the house have three hours of walking, and the guy wasn't there

The second rather cool story of this week is about a couple named Keilor Y Yolanda. They're a wonderful couple who are progressing really well. The problem is that they aren't married. And getting people to marry can be very difficult. I suppose I didn't have a lot of hope, or faith. But we continued teaching them. This past Sunday we fasted (where you go without food for 24 hours for a special purposes, asking help of God) for our investigators. This Sunday after church they came up to us and told us that they had news. My heart dropped, surely they were going to tell us that they didn't want anything more to do with this church. Never have I been more glad to be wrong (and I´m wrong a lot) They told us that they had decided to be married. Suffice to say I was excited, I might have let out a little squeal. Maybe.

The wedding is in two weeks, I´d love to have your prayers.

The last experience that I am going to relate is about a five year old named Manuel. This kid is little hurricane of annoyingness. He´ll kick you, punch you, slap you in the face, hrrrg. I have exercised a lot of self control with him. But it got me thinking, why is he  like this? And what is the best manner of responding on my part to help him? I don´t really know, but I´m thinking. The other night I was at his house and he was acting up again. So we talked, he calmed down a little. I asked him to say the closing prayer with me, and the bugger said no. Nonetheless, when we about to say the prayer, he came over to me and said that he´d say it if I helped. So I whispered the words and he, dutifully, repeated them. It made me feel good, like maybe I can help him a little, when in his life he has zero male role models (Of the good sort) I couldn't help but think of the parents that go up with their kids on Sunday to the pulpit to help them bear their testimonies. I want to help. These are good people, and they are making me better. For that I am thankful to a Heavenly Father who loves me, and all of you.


Elder Noah M. Toney

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