Sunday, June 5, 2016


Hello Everyone!

My first district
Big News! Transfers is today, And I`m still in Santa Cruz! Wooohooo. I`ll end up having almost nine months here. Really it just makes me laugh. I know people so well here, I love the ward, and luckily the ward loves me (I hope). Pretty much nothing has changed with me, but a BUNCH changed in the mission, 12 missionaries finished their missions. Here in Santa Cruz I`m to continue as District Leader. I feel much better this time around, which is not to say that I feel I should depend on the Lord less, rather now I can focus on depending on Him better, rather then being stressed out of my gourd. As a leader I have come to recognize that I have some strengths and weaknesses. I`m very good with the people side of things, I love my missionaries, and they know it. So when I have to correct them (something I really do not enjoy) generally they work hard at changing. They know I want the best for them. On the other hand, I'm an awful administrator. Numbers, documents, names. I don`t like that part so much. This transfer I`m going to change that. Organization helps.
My zone

I also achieved a life long goal. Returning from Liberia via bus, I was so tired that I fell asleep standing up. Scared the bejeepers outta me, and my companion too. But all was well.

I am also discovering something, that is the power of listening. And it`s just that, listening is pure power, whether our intentions are good or bad, good listening skills really empower us. From listening we gain understanding and knowledge, and with those two things you gain influence. The ability to really help someone. Inversely you are also able to hurt, but that side doesn't interest me as much. Do your self a favor, learn how to listen. It really opens your world. Be it you spouse, child, best friend, worst enemy, or God. Learning to listen will better your life. Its bettering mine.

African Safari
I could expound on that all day.

Love you all,


Elder Noah M. Toney

My zone leader

Baptism, family of Ana

My convert, Yolanda

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