Sunday, May 29, 2016


Hello Everyone!

My time seems to get shorter and shorter. The computer I write on isn´t very good and takes a long time to load things (a GREAT way to work on your patience when all you want to do is write your family) I also write my president a bit more than I used to. So please forgive me for not replying to all of the personal emails.

Sorry for not sending an email last week, it isn't for a lack of things happening.

I´ll dive right in: These last two weeks have been crazy. Saturday we went to visit a member whose young daughter had left him to be with her boyfriend (she has stopped studying in school unfortunately.) We later found out that when we knocked on the gate, he was about to commit suicide. He instead let us in, we talked. He changed from wanting to kill himself to wanting to kill the family that had stolen his daughter to finally calming down and not wanting to kill anyone. I wish I had time to relate everything. I just kept thinking, Heavenly Father please help him to calm down, please help me to know what to say, please please please please please. I don´t know what to do, this man is so sad I can feel it, it´s palpable. And it hurts to know someone is in pain like that. He isn't a bad man. Just in pain. We testified of love. He said that he heard a voice saying that he shouldn't do those things while we were with him. He also stopped crying. We said a prayer with him on our knees and left. It was a miracle to me.

I also learned how to cut grass with a machete. Now that builds (and knots) muscle like nobodies business. I´ve cut grass before, but this was new, even for me. I got really dirty too :D

Yesterday we had stake conference (where a bunch of Mormons get together to listen to good things.) We have an investigator named Ana. She has been investigating for eight years. She has met the past three mission presidents, she know more than I do, Her children are members, she´s married (usually people aren't married) Attends church. Even the conferences, which no one here does. But she has a fear of officially joining the church.

Yesterday we had the baptismal interview. It is a miracle it happened. First off, she almost didn't go to church (ie that means she wouldn't be able to get baptized because the people that do the interviews live in Liberia an hour and a half away where we were conveniently, having the conference.) So we went to her house at 6:30 in the morning. Wonder of wonders, she was sleeping. But, we woke her up. How rude right? But it was important. We called a member to come pick us all up. Went to the conference. It was AWESOME. The interview was scheduled for after, and well, she passed. Her story is really much cooler than I´m writing, but I am stressed and out of time. The baptism is for this weekend, pray for her, a lot.


Elder Noah M. Toney

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