Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Lord is working here


This past Sunday we had 46 people in our itty bitty house. It`s pretty awesome, we see a lot of miracles that have nothing to do with us but shows us that the Lord is working here. My favorite part about being District Leader is two fold, 1) I`m connected. It`s a good balance between closeness, and fairness from the HQ, which is to say, there is pressure, but not too much, and I still hear a lot of what happens because I`m close to my leaders. 2) I am ALWAYS being challenged. Knowing that I have to be an example helps me a lot to work hard. I am in a constant phase of changing and learning, and being humbled. It keeps me from being too proud or too lazy. We are using the members more here, working with families. That helps a lot. In this area a lot of hard work is required.

Two funny stories about singing, a while back we were in the first lesson with a new investigator, as usual, we sang a hymn to start. Her two years old son starts sobbing inconsolably, pleading us to stop singing. I`m thinking, what the heck happened to you child? Why are you crying? I sound like an angel so quit that crying business. But then for almost all of the lesson, he cried. Saying "mommy are they gonna sing?" "No dear they won`t sing again" " Are you sure? I feel like they`re going to sing again" Nope she says, no more singing. My companion and I just sit there, baffled, trying not to laugh. Was it so darn bad haha? I still don`t know, but according to her, he cries like that every time someone sings. I have the lurking suspicion that we are just bad singers, Who knows?

Last night we were in the house of some recent converts. We started the lesson with a hymn, (you`d think we would have learned by now, but what can I say, We've got thick heads) I jokingly told one of the guys that was there that we were now going to listen to him sing, solo style. He surprised me by taking the hymnal. I say do you know the tune? Of course he tells me. I`m thinking "what is happening here?" So he starts singing the hymn, Love One Another. But with a completely different tune, (I`m pretty sure it was "Santa Maria"; but who knows)

I call that courage.

I have been learning a lot about patience. I learned something really interesting today. A good friend gave me some advice. The 100% of my companion may not be equal to my 100%. I shouldn't get frustrated because he doesn't move as fast as I do. I've always said that if patience is a virtue, I`m not virtuous. It appears that the Lord is bound and determined to help me be virtuous.

I love you all!


Elder Noah M. Toney
Ghetto pants reparation! We used staples :D

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