Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ever Rewarding

Howdy Hey!

Life in the rich coast is good. Ever challenging, ever rewarding. I like being challenged, I like new things that make me think hard and grow. The sister missionaries do indeed wear pants now, and it is mighty weird, I feel like we have been changed to a mission of all elders...just kiddin, but those poor sisters. Then again, I ain't never had the chance of walking around in nice breezy skirts, so maybe it´s just equal, but hey, you got to be protected against them mosquitoes, they do bad stuff to you.

Speaking of new and challenging things, transfers are today! And I am going to be changing a new, fresh, innocent, corruptible (just kidding) missionary. I am honestly so darn excited. I have wanted to train for a long time. When my leaders told me that I would be training I had a small fist pumping fit, (yes I was that excited) Here trainers are called fathers, and the greenies, sons. So I´m gonna be a dad! I´m too darn excited to be nervous, so we´ll see how this goes. I don´t get my companion until Wednesday, and I don´t even know who he is so that´ll have to wait until next week. But please, pray for this poor unfortunate soul who will be my posterity. I have got a lot of ideas, but better yet, I have good leaders to help me out when I don´t know what to do, and an ever attentive Father to correct me. Turns out that my brother Austin is also training the same time as I, we seem to be copying each other, isn't that nifty?

You could say I´m pretty pumped.

I will be staying in Poás as district leader, which is pretty awesome cause I LOVE Poás, it is pretty much the prettiest place you ever did see, although it has got a LOT of hills. I´m gettin pretty lean, I have also started doing better exercises.

We contact like normal, talkin with everything that moves under the sun, knocking a billion doors, saying a bunch of prayers, bothering a whole lot of people :) This past week we did an activity en Alejuel central where everyone in the zone (16 missionaries) went to one park to hand out books of Mormon, I was talking with this man an he just up an agrees to be baptized. Cool stuff.

Small miracle, yesterday they advised us of transfers pretty late, and we had to leave Poás at 8, so that left almost no time for my companion to pack, cause we had to catch the bus. Right when he finishes, I manage to break the window (Master of Disaster I am) Not the glass part thank heavens, but I managed to get it pulled off track, and for the life of me I could not get it to shut right. And people have already tried to break into the house before (not while I was there) And we were gonna be gone for a good three days, so I had to get it shut. But that dad-burned window would not shut, stubborn thing I just about broke the whole thing I was so mad (why can´t inanimate objects just cooperate?) So my companion took over, trying to get it shut, to no avail. So I said Elder, hold up a sec, it ain't working. We´re gonna say a prayer. Prayer said, I grabbed a hold of that infernal contraption, and with one jiggle, it got back on track and shut right nicely. One second. That is a right quick answer.

We get up at 6:30 usually, although I like to get up an hour early to study a lil bit more. We get up pray, exercise, eat, shower, and study. We arrive at the house at nine o clock, plan, and then I´m making calls an doing district stuff until 10:30, when we turn in. And we do not have mediodias :/

I love you all! Keep me in your prayers that I may do well as a trainer for the sake of this poor young man who will shortly be in my clutches.


Elder Noah M. Toney
Book of Mormon fair

We took pics with the people that accepted a Book of Mormon

Yes. Those are police!

My zone!

My district!

Old friends from Santa Cruz

Old friends from Santa Cruz

Beautiful landscapes

Beautiful landscapes

The little street you see leads to our house

Soccer field that is really high up

Transfer day!

Enjoying the sun

Another beautiful day

Kicking butt in Risk (yes I took Asia in the 2nd turn)

Old friends

Transfer day

Old friends

Old friends

Old friends

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