Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dumbledore and Personal Progress

Snapple!  Hello Everyone,

Where to start. How does one express with words that which is born of the heart? I rather like how J.K Rowley expresses it in Harry Potter, where Dumbledore just takes them pesky thoughts right out of his head and puts them in a bowl. Now that is nifty, why don't we invent that instead of the iPhone 18abcd? Anyways.

Today we went to la monte de la cruz as a zone. It was a good activity, we passed time together, got to know each other. I sure do love my zone.  Being with them is always a bright spot. We have been practicing for a theater hour for the mission Christmas party. (theater is NOT my strong suit, in fact I hate it) and the subject is a returned missionary at Christmas time. It´s pretty...eh something. I think it'll go over well. Missionary returns home to find ex boyfriend married to her sister and the sister pregnant, strange and desperate ex missionaries proposing right after the bat, stuff like that. I am NOT divulging which role I was assigned. Who can guess? It should be good because we have three missionaries who are going home real soon.

As to my personal progress...I don´t even know. But in a good way. I am learning a lot. About who I am, what I want. In these moments I do not suppose I´ll be able to quite express what´s on my mind. I have hope, I have peace. It's not easy, not by a long shot. I feel as though life is just getting harder and the responsibility more numerous.  But rather than be depressed, I learn and change without so much kick and fuss. I depend more upon those I can depend, and keep an eye upon those I can´t. I´m learning to build upon a foundation that is sure. I´m good and sure, but not in myself. I am far below what I could and possibly should be, but as the ticos say, I´m in the fight.



Elder Noah M. Toney

My Zone!

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