Saturday, January 30, 2016

Dangerous mattress escapades

This past week has been pretty great, but humbling as well. And this coming week will bring a lot of changes. My companion and about half of my zone is leaving, as well as both of our zone leaders. I am interested to see what will happen.

This past Monday night I was at my desk writing when we got a call from the sisters. They had locked themselves out of their apartment, and were going to have to sleep in the church building, but they didn't have any mattresses, so we had to call an investigator who had a truck to come help us. Upon arriving at our Apartment building, I realized that I had locked our keys in our house. So ensued an hour of trying to break into our own house. It´s to the credit of the Costa Rican people that no one called the police, cause it was about 11:30, and we weren't exactly quiet. Since I have a bit of a history in lock picking, I set out to find suitable instruments. I found what I needed and returned to the scene of the crime. After ten minutes of working I was finally able to get the door open (miracle). I strutted triumphantly into the house, threw the lock pick to the side, and struck the Rocky pose, both Fists Held High, immensely pleased with myself. While I was thus posturing, in walked my companion and district leader, laughing hard, holding up the keys to the apartment. While I was searching for my Tools Of The Trade, they had gotten the door open, retrieved the keys, and re-locked the door. What is the moral of this story? What´s the important part? I got that daggumed door open even though those miscreants had set me up. Also don´t trust laughing Latinos. That´s a tad stereo typical, don´t trust laughing people PERIOD. Unless you understand why they are laughing.

My accomplices
But this left a rather serious problem. The mattresses needed to be removed from the church and returned to the apartment. And being the responsible eighteen year old's we are, we put it off till the last moment, until it was Saturday night, with church the next day and no truck to transport them. So the four of us (E. Ferrufino, E. Lopez the District Leader, and E. Medina) waited until it was late so that no one would see us, put the mattresses on our heads, and walked home through the sleepy streets of Santa Cruz with mattresses bouncing on our heads, like Indian women. What culture am I from again? But we got home without any complications (crossing streets was a bit scary since we couldn't really see very well) Adventure ended.

This past Wednesday there was a special conference from Salt Lake, especially for missionaries. Elder Bednar spoke, and many others. It was a wonderful reminder that truth uplifts and edifies, it helps you make a game plan for a better you. We live step by step, we grow step by step. This Saturday an Apostle is coming to Costa Rica, Quentin L. Cook I believe. I´m super excited for it. I´ll tell you how it goes.

Dangerously (just kidding moms),

Elder Noah M. Toney

Not sure what this is about....

... We should all be afraid to ask!

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