Monday, January 18, 2016

Where your heart is

Hello All!

I hath found a scorpion in my room and am ready to declare war on all bug races. Let it be known, they shall die.

Today the letter will be short, sorry.

We have about 50 investigators in total. We find new people by walking down streets talking with everyone. The best situations are when we find a family resting in their house. This is one of my favorite activities, partly because rejection just cracks me up, I don´t per say enjoy it, but neither does it bother me. We found an old woman the other day who was one of the original Costa Rican Saints. She doesn't go to church because she can´t walk, but when we talked to her, we could see that the gospel meant a lot to her. She has about eighty years. Once in a lesson, a friend came over, we invited her to sit and listen and low and behold that ancient sister started testifying like a preacher on Sunday. It was down right nifty.

Our recent convert
In a lesson we always start out with just talking with them, getting to know them, growing to love them. Then we have a prayer and talk a bit about doctrine, usually whatever it is they have questions about. We then leave them something to read, and close with a prayer. I'm really starting to enjoy lessons. What I love is when we´re talking about doctrine and you can just feel that´s it right, the investigators are nodding and agreeing and you just feel this excitement about the truth that makes it all worth it.

Something that I learned this week that is changing me:  even if I do all the good in the world, if it isn't what I want to do, or if my heart isn't in it, it means absolutely nothing, it won´t help me. I need to do things with all of my being, because if my actions are opposite of my desires, I will be miserable. Watch what you put your heart into, because if your heart isn't in the right place you'll only find frustration. And if your heart is in things that are not safe or of value, watch out.

Our Charlie Brown tree
My companion is also the hardest thing about the mission for me. So much to learn, but I believe that some day it will help me be a good spouse.


Elder Noah M. Toney

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