Sunday, January 10, 2016

Desires of the heart

Howdy howdy all;

Firstly first fruits, sorry about last week and the abrupt ending, as well as exclusion of the customary signature. My companion was feeling sick, and then he was feeling REALLY sick if you know what I mean, and we had to make a hasty egress. 

Unfortunately his pain progressed to the point where we were afraid that it might be apendicitis, in which case going to the hospital was mandatory. The only real hospital was an hour away, and there were no buses running at that time, and unfortunately, driving is not very common here. At least not in my area. Finally we were able to find some one, thank goodness. We made it to the hospital where he underwent multiple icky tests, (Blood tests are those to which I am referring. I do NOT like blood testing, needles...huuh) It turned out to just be a gastro intestinal virus. While we were waiting for the results, my mission president showed up (I´ve no Idea how he got there so quick) And although there wasn´t much he was able to do, his presence was comforting. He marched into the examining room, boldly proclaiming that we were his "boys" and then proceeded to make sure that all was paid for and kosher, although he had to leave (mission president are daggumed busy, apparently) He bought us food, on account of my companions sickness, he was not permitted to eat, so it was with sadness and duty that I devoured his portion in a flat 30 seconds. 

Other than that this week has been uneventful, we haven´t been able to do much on account of my companions sickness, but he´s doing a lot better now. A full day was spent in house, with him resting, and by my bloomers was it boring. I hope I never get sick. Everyone knock on wood for me.

New years eve we spent at a members house, eating the absolutely most delectable ribs I have ever had the pleasure of ingesting. Other than that, we didn´t do anything. It´s a little sad, but not much. I have yet to receive the package from my mother. We are in a ward, in a huge building (well, huge for here) That is church property, in fact that´s where we usually go for p days, to play basket ball and ping pong. It is without boastfulness that I proclaim my mastery of ping pongs over the natives of Costa Rica. (Ok maybe a little boastfulness) The bishop and many members live up to an hour away, so it can be hard to work with them, But I´m very close both with the bishop and with many members. We work a lot with less active members and recent converts. We almost always have investigators in the chapel, at least three, although the mission goal is eight for every companionship.

There are almost always lots of Americans in the chapel, so I get to practice my English bastante.

I learned a pretty huge lesson this week, and it´s that even if I do all the right things, make the right decisions, if in my heart I desire to be doing my own will, I will not be happy. I can do good, but I will be miserable in my heart.

Love Yáll!

Elder Toney being very dainty. With Hermana Terrones, Yerson, y Hermana Brown.
Sagaciously, (chiste)

Elder Noah M. Toney

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