Sunday, May 22, 2016


Howdy Howdy :)

Hope all is well. This past week has been an adventure. To start off, my companion learned how to make an egg bomb. I was in the bathroom when I hear this muffled explosion. I exit the bathroom in a jiffy, and see my companion standing, frozen in place, with pieces of egg covering EVERYTHING. He tried making a hard boiled egg in the microwave. He puts the egg in a bowl of water, then places it the microwave for TEN MINUTES. Then he peels it (still doesn't explode) After he is about to poke it with a fork, and before he even touched it, it exploded. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry. I opted for the former. This goes to show that you should most definitely not put eggs in the microwave.

I also got to speak with my Family. Ain't got much to say about that, other than that it was good to see them. Family is important.

It rained!
This past Sunday in church I heard a talk that really had an impact on me. He talked mostly about the responsibility of Fathers, and the importance of marriage. At one point he recounted a story of how at one point. his young son fought with his mom over who would take off the boots of his dad (He´s a big burly construction man) It made me remember a few of the times that I had done the same for my father. It made me wonder if I´d be the type of Father that inspired that type of respect in his sons. It keeps me motivated to do good things. The talk taught me a little bit about the importance of unity in everything we do, be it with spouse, work companion, or mission companion. Be a man of dignity.

That isn't quite so easy to achieve, but as I shared with my family last night, I don´t believe it matters where you are at in your life, COMPLETELY irrelevant, to put it frankly. I believe that what matters is where you are going, and if you are taking steps today to achieve it. We are not all in the same places in our lives, but I don´t ever remember hearing that that affects the amount of love God has for us.


Elder Noah M. Toney

The son of my cook with my plac


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  1. Hi Elder Toney. My family is going to stay the summer in Potrero, near Santa Cruz. We are wondering if there are some branches in addition to the Santa Cruz ward? We look forward to meeting you, if you are still there! My email is