Sunday, May 1, 2016

Really Insufficient

Hello Everyone!

Check out the hole in my worn out shoes!  I´m pretty sure I can fix them. Just requires some cement an they´ll be good as new!

My week has been so very very busy! Being the district leader is very busy, haha. I officially have no time to do anything like write in my journal or eat or anything like that. But I´m learning a whole lot. I honestly think I´d die if I didn't have help from my Heavenly Father.  I am learning how to depend on Him more, because as this butt kicking week has illustrated so finely, I am rather insufficient. Okay, I´m REALLY insufficient. But slowly I'm getting a hang of things. I´ll tell you what though, this is GREAT for my humility because I no longer think I´m all that and a bag of chips. I don´t mean to be self depreciating, but golly this stuff is real. It´s a tad surreal that people expect me to solve their problems, and it´s even more surreal when I actually resolve them. That being said, I have a good support system, my zone leaders are very capable and my companion has a lot of experience.

Motorcycle of an investigator

Speaking of him, he is another Guatemalan, the oldest of his four brothers, and the first in his family to go on a mission. He has a year and change in the mission and has been a district leader before. We get along pretty well. Things are certainly different with him, but I have a lot of hopes for these six weeks. If we don´t kill each other first :D

First off, I´m in Santa Cruz, not San José, San José is the big capital city, Santa Cruz is small (relatively) and not capital:) I kinda knew that I´d be staying, since Elder Lopez had more time than I in the area, so I was expecting it. I love this area more then ever, but I´m also pretty ready to leave. At this point, even the street dogs know me well. I like to trip over the same rocks every day. That being said, I continue to discover new things about Santa Cruz, new people, and new places. We´re working harder than ever.

To answer someone's question, it is very rare for our mission president to put two white kids together. It happens, but not much. I don´t have high hopes of receiving an american companion.

Tired but, excitedly,

Elder Noah M. Toney

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